Why "The Tit Club"?
Yeah, everyone loves boobs ok? Plus, most of the people on plant earth have them.

What's the deal with your nude portraits?

So, the Your Breasts are Best nude portraits are all about helping women see themselves in a way that makes them feel beautiful. They're a very simple fine line illustration of the lip to panty line area of the woman. To order one, it does involve emailing me a nude or semi nude picture of that section of yourself. It is 1000000000% your choice how much or how little you show. It's what makes you feel comfortable. That is why there is a requirement that you are 18+ years. The photos and the email are deleted as soon as the portrait is completed and there is no copy kept or stored. The portrait only appears on social media if you give written permission and I don't show anyone your photos.

Also, yes, the portrait in the listing is of myself, and yes it was terrifying but also so so liberating.

I want to order a custom pot... what's the go?
Similarly to the Your Breasts are Best nude portraits, they are all about helping women see themselves in a way that makes them feel beautiful. They're are your breasts recreated, as close to likeness as possible, onto a small or large pot. They can either be colour matched to you, and have all your scars, beauty marks, freckles and tattoos, even piercings, or we can come up with a funk concept to make your gals extra fabulous.

You must be over 18 to order a pot of yourself, or have permission of a the person who the pot is being made (who must be over 18). Like the Nude portrait, a photo will be required of your chest area, sent via email to a secure server, no duplicates or saved images are kept and photos are deleted as soon as the order is completed. The pot will only be posted on social media with written consent to do so.

Are there any care instructions for the pots?
Yep, we want to make sure you can share a long and wonderful lifetime with your beautiful bosoms. Read our Product Care Instructions here.

Do you take commissions?
Yes! We take on both Fine Art and Illustration commissions. Make sure you have a size and rough idea of what you want, as well as a realistic budget in mind! Send an email to thetitclub@gmail.com with the information and we'll get you a quote and the piece underway!

I live in Adelaide, do I have to pay for postage or is there somewhere I can pick my order up from?
No postage necessary. Simply select the pick up option in the Shipping section at checkout and I'll be in touch to organise a collection of your order! We now also offer some week delivery, door to door for a small fee in certain suburbs! Please make sure you're inside the 20km radius though if selecting that option.

What are your earrings made from?
Generally they're made out of polymer clay or sterling silver plated jewelry wire. The findings (attachments and hooks) are generally non-hypoallergenic so it always pays to check before ordering if you're prone to reactions.

I've got this great question about Shipping...
No worries! Please have a squiz of our Shipping Information.

Hey, I love reading policies! What else you got?
Ok, that's a bit weird but here ya go...
Privacy Policy
Terms & Conditions
Refund & Returns (this one is a good one!)