Coconut + Lime - Signature Candle

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The ultimate candle pleaser when it comes to it's sweet sweet smell, perfectly balancing bright and zesty lime with warm coconut, a bit of vanilla rounds this one out to be a calming, light fragrance.


Featuring a fine line illustration of the flower and a bee and the words:

"love gently,
like the wildflower and the bee
never taking more than is given,
knowing that with
effort and patience
you will bloom together"


The Tit Club's signature candle range is designed and poured on site in our little studio havens in Goodwood and Nairne, Adelaide, South Australia.

Quality is important, so we used all the good things. 100% natural soy wax, which is completely vegan and cruelty free, high quality ethically made cotton wicks, coloured not painted amber jars and low tox fragrance oils. 

The sweet little amber jars with screw top lids makes them the perfect small gift idea or creates a stylish melting goodness addition to your space. They're also reusable for that eco touch, just soak in hot water to remove the wick and wax once the candle is burnt out.


For longest candle life, please trim your wick after each burn. Candle burn time will be roughly 40 hours depending on your tender love and care.
Things your candle will also love ya for:

  • not burning it out of sight, especially if there's a draft or hanging furnishings. Safety first!
  • not burning it for more than 4 hours, it'll be tired and need to cool off for a bit. Let the wax completely reset between burns.
  • keep that wick no more than a 1/4 inch or half a cm if you're not good at that imperial system, who is right?
  • tell it that it smells nice at least once a day for good measure


If you would like to smell these darlings in person, they're available at our Brick + Mortar Store See Someone Studio or shop at Karma and Crow's Good Get Markets every Sunday.