Sage - Soy Wax Torso Pillar Candle

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Sage is a dreamer, head in the clouds, chasing dreams and filling yours. They're sweet and subtle. Made from pure 100% natural pillar specific soy wax and low tox fragrances, they're creamy and fragrant enough that you'll never have to burn them if you just can't bring yourself to.



Measures: 9cm tall
If you do choose to melt your Sage candle, please melt them on a ceramic or fire proof dish to save furnishes and avoid spills. Once wax has cooled post burn, remove the wick base and use remaining wax as a melt.



Coconut + Lime
The ultimate candle pleaser when it comes to it's sweet sweet smell, perfectly balancing bright and zesty lime with warm coconut, a bit of vanilla rounds this one out to be a calming, light fragrance.

Vanilla Bean
It honestly smells like ice-cream, but the good expensive stuff you normally only get at family dinners at your Nans. Creamy, FULL of vanilla goodness and balanced out with just a dash of malt to make it smell warm and inviting.

Creamy Caramel
it's gooey... like caramel. It's a vanilla heavy one, cause we like that subtle caramel smell. But imagine, freshly made caramel, a splash of hazelnut and some vanilla ice-cream all in a jar you can burn in your house for hours.

Driftwood (coming soon)
Driftwood is one of our more masculine scents. Sea spray, salt and a little citrus kick balanced out by cedar wood and musk.

Wild Berries (coming soon)
A tantalising blend of elderberries, blackberries, raspberries with a balance of malt and tea leaves, it creates a fragrance that smells like a warm brew.

Pineapple + Mango
Featuring top notes of pineapple, honeydew, pink grapefruit, and orange zest, it's perfectly balanced by mango, guava, vanilla bean and musk - it really is like transporting your nostrils and home to a little slice of tropical paradise.

Strawberry Sherbet (coming soon)
Featuring top notes of strawberry, raspberry and citrus zest, this candle gets it's sherbet fizz from mid notes of champagne and musk. 

Summer Mango (coming soon)
It ACTUALLY smells like a mango... weird thing to say we know, but it's important. You know that smell when you walk past those perfectly ripe mangoes in the supermarket and you just swoon for summer and warm days? Yeah, that's the smell.


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