Signature Candle Collection 5 Pack

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What's better than 1 creamy lovely soy wax melting pot of happiness? Hmmm...

5 creamy lovely soy wax melting pots of happiness, probably.

This pack features all 5 of the currently available fragrances in our sweet 250ml amber jars with screw top lids.

  • coconut + lime
  • pineapple + mango
  • creamy caramel
  • vanilla bean
  • driftwood


Perfect if you want to try them all and to store away for those cosy days at home.


All candles are made and packaged by hand at our Brick and Mortar Store and Studio in Goodwood, See Someone Studio using high quality natural soy wax and low tox fragrance oils. They're 100% vegan and cruelty free, using the most sustainable equipment currently available.

Quality is important to us and so is their environmental footprint which is why they now come in reusable jars - just wash your jar with hot soapy water once the candle is completely burnt and it's perfect for a second life.