Standard Tummy Pot (A)

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Gently hand sculpted, these pots are created to celebrate all bellies and the inherent worth of every body. You're god damn beautiful, in any shape or size.


Roughly 11cm tall, 10cm wide, insert 7cm.


  • ceramic grade terracotta (not kiln fired)
  • acrylic paint
  • all weather protective sealant

Product Care:

  • this tit pot is not food or liquid safe, as it has not be kiln fired and has water based materials used for painting.
  • for best use for plants, please use insert slip pot provided with your purchase and remove for watering.
  • for best use for flowers, if fresh, please use a glass or jar that will fit. but dry flowers are fine as they are.
  • avoid placing on surfaces that can become tacky/sticky i.e. vinyl, leather, laminate.